Lance Schoff

Junior Varsity JV Scout Team Coordinator

Coach Schoff is in his third year coaching football at Mount Vernon.  He is a Mustang alumnus and was privileged to learn and play football for Jim Bellamy.  After graduating from Mt. Vernon he earned his BS in Psychology and Statistics from Iowa State University and MBA at the University of Iowa.

He and his wife Sue lived in Minneapolis, Columbus, and Chicago before moving back to Mt. Vernon nine years ago.  They have two children, Cooper (soon to be 17) and Samantha (14).   

Growing up in Mt.Vernon I was very fortunate to play football for Jim Bellamy and learn from a number of fantastic educators.  All were great role models for having a hard work ethic and setting expectations for excellence.  Their actions and words of wisdom prepared generations of Mustangs for success and it is my hope that our current coaches and I can do the same for our present-day team members.