Teacher Appreciation- Ms. Bjork


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1. Why did you pick this teacher?

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Ms. Bjork was most definitely my favorite math teacher in middle school. She made math more interesting and fun for me. She always had lots of fun stories to tell us 

and cheer up the class.

2. What has she/he done to make an impact on your education?

My first high school class was with Ms Bjork. At first I was nervous because the word Algebra was very scary as a little 8th grader but Algebra was way easier than expected because of Ms. Bjork's teaching.

3. Tell me a story about this teacher .

One slow class Ms. Bjork wanted to cheer us up by telling us a story. Ms. Bjork told us that she had gone skydiving this lightened the class up and now makes me want to skydive till this day.