Teacher Appreciation-Brock Davenport

TEACHER Brock Davenport

PLAYER Isaac Dausener

1. Why did you pick this teacher?

I picked Brock because he taught me how to play the tenor drums without him I don't think that I could have gotten to wear I am now. He taught me that practice is needed to get better.

2. What has she/he done to make an impact on your education?

Brock has made learning how to play Tenors very, very fun and

enjoyable. At times, he has been hard on me, but that taught me

to be more disciplined than at the beginning of the year.

3. Tell me a story about this teacher .

I was not doing great at a particular part in our music, when I was

getting a little upset with myself, Brock came over to me and showed me exactly how to do it, he also told me not to get upset with myself, and that eventually I will get it, it will just take time.