Rich Tradition

History & Achievements

Recognizing great team and individual accomplishments.

The Iowa Shrine Bowl Game is an all-star football game between selected pre-college football athletes on each side of a north-south dividing line in Iowa. The players are selected by a process of nomination by coaches, balloting by state-wide sports media professionals, and official invitation from a representative of the Iowa Shrine Bowl. The game brings honor and recognition to the players, their schools and their communities.

Mount Vernon Football has been honored by 18 player and coach selections since the annual event began in 1973.

Below are Mount Vernon Football players who have been honored with a Shrine Bowl Game invitation.


  • Gary Arnold, 1974
  • Jim Bellamy, 1979 (Assistant Coach)
  • Jon Bellamy, 1979
  • Joe Hufford, 1975


  • Wayne Hormann, 1985
  • Paul Hufford, 1980


  • Ryan Brand, 1997
  • Scott Pospisil, 1995


  • Jim Bellamy, 2004 (Head Coach)
  • Jared Knight, 2009
  • Matt Kroul, 2004


  • Drew Adams, 2018
  • Jack Cochrane, 2017
  • Connor Herrmann, 2016
  • Josh Hof, 2015
  • Mitchell Jilovec, 2013
  • Robbie Peters, 2014


  • Keean Kamerling, 2021